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As your representative, George’s mission will be to advocate for YOUR interests in Congress! Here are some of the issues he knows are important to the citizens of PA’s 4th District:

Our Health Care  

We have the best doctors, hospital systems, and medical device technology in the world, but our health care system is broken. I will work to find a fiscally responsible solution that guarantees accessible and affordable health care for all Americans.  

Our Economy  

Too many people in our district are struggling to pay bills, save money, and raise families. I will work to promote investment in creating sustainable and rewarding jobs, along with the skilled workers to fill them.

Our Education  

I will support strong public schools that make quality education available at all levels, and work to reduce the burden of college debt.

Our Security  

I will work to maintain the best military in the world, while promoting better use of defense funding and resources.

Our Environment

I value our legacy of environmental stewardship and will protect our public lands and safeguard clean air and water for future generations to enjoy.

Our Infrastructure

I will make continuous improvement of our physical and digital infrastructure a legislative priority.

Our Political Process

I am confident that we can restore trust to what is now a broken process. We can change the rules to ensure that elected officials serve the interests of the people through term limits, campaign finance reform, and an end to gerrymandering.

Committee to send George Scott to Congress
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