Our Issues

As your representative, my next mission will be to advocate for YOUR interests in Congress!  Along with national security, I believe true personal freedom comes from educational opportunity, employment security, and access to health care.

Without these three things, it is difficult to make our American dreams come true.  In a very real sense, we lose our freedom to live our lives the way we wish.  Making sure that the citizens of the 4th District have access to better jobs, a quality education and accessible, affordable health care will be my highest priority.

Our Education

As a proud graduate of Littlestown High School, I will support strong public schools that make quality education available at all levels. Lowering the massive burden of college debt is also a vital issue that Congress must address and accomplish.

Our Economy and Job Growth

Too many people in our district are struggling to pay bills, save money, and raise families. I will work to promote investment that creates sustainable and rewarding jobs, along with the skilled workers to fill them.

Our Health Care

We have the best doctors, hospitals, and medical technology in the world, but our health care system is broken. I will work to find a fiscally responsible solution that guarantees accessible and affordable health care for all Americans.  

George knows that many other important concerns are closely linked to having good-paying jobs, strong educational systems and quality and affordable health care. To find out more, read more here.

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