Our National Security

Over a 20 year career in the military, I served in the some of the world's hottest spots, including Korea and the Middle East. I will work to assure we have the best fighting force in the world to keep us safe from enemies abroad and at home, using physical or digital weapons. At the same time, I will promote the smart and efficient use of defense funding and resources.

Our Environment

I value our national legacy of environmental stewardship in Pennsylvania and across the nation. I will help protect our public lands while safeguarding our clean air and water for future generations to enjoy.  As a sportsman, I know that clean water and protected land are vital to keeping our district a great place to hunt and fish.  

Our Farms

I was raised on a beef cattle farm, so I know how hard our farmers work and the struggles they face. Making sure that our family farms thrive and that our corporate farms are good neighbors is vital to the strength of the 4th District.  

Our Infrastructure

Federal, state and local governments have made some progress toward fixing our roads and bridges in recent years; but too many of them are still crumbling and dangerous. I will insure that there is proper funding to make sure our physical infrastructure is well maintained.

Additionally, I know that many places in the 4th District still don't have high speed internet or reliable cell phone service. We need to make our digital infrastructure available to all and encourage providers to make the improvements needed to attract businesses and keep up with the pace of technology. Our government must also work harder to protect the electrical grid, our power plants and water systems as a matter of national security.

Our Political Process

I am confident that we can restore trust to what is now a broken process. We can change the rules to ensure that elected officials serve the interests of the people through term limits, campaign finance reform, and an end to gerrymandering.

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